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What lights us up

is designing for the Livestock & Ag industry. As a first-generation cattle producer, we combine our own experiences, passion and creativity to provide unique designs that stand out. Your stock isn't cookie-cutter, your designs shouldn't be either.





Livestock Shows

Our favorite place to be

is behind the camera. Whether it's in the picture pen, show ring, pasture or your barn, capturing the perfect image is our top priority.

hi, i'm Taylor

I love spending my days raising good cattle with my husband and daughter on our farm in New York (yes, New York). Although I wasn’t raised in Ag, thanks to some great friends I quickly found my passion for showing livestock late in my teens. Around the same time I was introduced to showing livestock competitively, I was pursuing a degree in Graphic Design and Carousel Design was created. Twelve years later I get to do what I love every day and help others in the industry through design and photography.